Independently connecting ERP buyers with the best software and expertise

From 82 of years of combined experience in working for the worlds largest software vendors, systems integrators and consultants, we were tired of seeing ERP and digital transformation projects being too complicated, expensive and risky.

Our experience told us that by democratising the access to information and resources, we could empower business professionals and operators to make their ERP projects faster, cheaper and more successful.

We do this by providing ERP vendor and partner analysis, consultations, ERP project tools and much more.

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Our Values

Our values are key to us and dictate the way we work with our clients, partners and other stakeholders.

Customer First

From our experience, many ERP consultants fail to put the customer first. Evaluation processes and analysis can take too long and relationships with vendors and other third parties can guide the process.

At ERP Research, we put your business first and cut out the middle men, big consulting fees and side agreements.


We believe in making ERP market information accessible and open.

We detail as much information possible about ERP vendors and implementation partners and our experts will help you to shortlist the best ERP software for your specific requirements.

Speed & Efficiency

As they say, time is money.

Whilst it's important to carefully consider your transformation, we speed up your ERP evaluation process and help you to shortlist software and partners faster.

Our Services

Our values are key to us and dictate the way we work with our clients, partners and other stakeholders.

ERP Project Advice & Resources

We produce and distribute various ERP resources from project plans to requirements gathering templates to help you kick off your ERP evaluation process.

If you need help in getting your ERP evaluation started, then speak to our team.

ERP Comparison

There are dozens of ERP systems on the market and new ones pop up every month. It can be hard to navigate the market and understand which players can truly meet your business requirements. 

We'll help to uncover your needs and analyse which ERP software can meet your needs.

ERP Software & Partner Shortlisting

Our database of ERP software and partners covers over 50 ERP solutions and their partner ecosystem. 

We can help you to shortlist the best ERP systems and implementation partners for your requirements, industry, budget and company culture.


Our team work remotely first, but have global coverage and work with companies that have operations all around the world.

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