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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you independent?

We are 100% independent and ERP and partner agnostic and we care about finding you the best ERP software and implementation partner. That makes you and us more successful.

We recommend dozens of Tier 1, Tier 2 and niche ERP systems and their implementation partners.

How much do your services cost?

We are 100% free. Our ERP and partner recommendations are 100% free and always will be.

The firms we recommend you to pay a small fee for every introduction we make to cover our costs and help us invest in high quality resources which we offer to you for free.

If you need help in preparing for your ERP project, running an in depth evaluation or more, we also work with various specialized consultancy practices who can help. Book a call with us to find out more.

Why use ERP Research?

Finding the right ERP software for your business is important. It's even more important to find the right ERP implementation partner, as this has the biggest impact on your ability to be successful. 

We help you to find the right ERP systems and partner for your requirements which decreases your risk and cost and increases your return on investment and success.

How does it work?

Book a 15 minute initial call with us above and we'll gather your ERP requirements. 

We'll then use our database of ERP systems and partners to find the platforms and specialists that have worked with your industry peers.

We'll then recommend who you might want to include on your shortlist. 

If you need anything else, just ask!