Saas & Software ERP Systems

ERP for Software Companies

Software & SaaS businesses need ERP systems that can cater for their business processes including billing, human resources, project management, customer service and financial management.

At ERP Research, we have helped numerous software companies and SaaS businesses to select ERP systems that suit their needs.

Top 10 ERP Systems For SaaS

Learn everything you need to know about the best ERP solutions for software and SaaS comapanies in our detailed solution comparison report.


ERP for Small & Midsized Software Companies

Small & midsized software companies need to provide best in class customer service whilst also monitoring key KPI's and remaining profitable.

ERP for Software Companies


Oracle Netsuite

Oracle Netsuite ERP was built to suit the needs of software companies and SaaS providers. The ERP system provides integrated sales, marketing, finance, human resources and professional services automation capabilities for complex software & SaaS companies.

ERP for Software Companies


Sage Intacct

Sage Intacct is well suited to handle ERP needs for software companies and SaaS providers. The solution provides financial management with software industry specific capabilities including billing, revenue recognition and more in one multicompany, localized ERP system.

ERP for Software Companies


SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign ERP is often overlooked by many software companies however the suite in a box provides many capabilities including integrated financial management, billing, revenue recognition, project management, human resources and sales & service.

ERP for Software Companies

salesforce-financialforce logo


FinancialForce is a cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform that can be leveraged by SaaS companies to streamline their financial and operational processes. FinancialForce includes features for billing, revenue recognition and more.

ERP for Software Companies


Microsoft Dynamics Business Central
Dynamics can be used by small and medium sized SaaS businesses as a robust ERP system to manage end to end processses such as finance, billing and more.



ERP for Growing & Large Software Companies

ERP for pharmaceutical companies that are already well established brings more functionality and greater flexibility. Below are popular ERP systems for pharmaceutical companies that are matured:

ERP for Software Companies



SAP S/4 HANA ERP is used by some of the largest software companies in the world, as well as some of the fastest growing SaaS companies.  The ERP solution offers strong globally localized financial management, revenue recognition and billing.

ERP for Software Companies


Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a flexible ERP solution used by many large software companies. It offers integrated best of breed ERP capabilities for software companies including finance & operations plus omnichannel sales and service.

ERP for Software Companies


Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle ERP Cloud is an enterprise resource planning solution used by many larger software & SaaS companies for its capabilities across billing, financial management, human resources and revenue recognition all in one Cloud ERP solution.

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Benefits of using ERP

How does ERP help SaaS companies?

ERP systems for SaaS should allow you to reap many benefits, including unification of your front and back office processes:

Accounting and Financials

Financial management is key for software companies and their ERP systems. Monitor profitability and more with integrated general ledger and accounting functions.


Software companies need an ERP solution capable of billing hundreds and thousands of customers in a flexible, compliant manner with inbuilt revenue recognition.

Customer Service

Customer retention is key for software companies and a big component of their ERP systems. Service your customers and get a 360 view of their relationship.


Enable compliance and cost control with SaaS ERP that provides approval matrixes, purchase requisitions, orders and control.

Expenses Management

Your sales team, software engineers and customer success team need to be able to travel to sell your software.

Sales Management

Track & plan sales pipeline, score leads, prospects and forecast opportunities in real-time across territories, accounts and teams.

Reporting and dashboards

Get one view of your key KPI's including retention, renewals, sales productivity and more with integrated ERP for software companies.

Asset Management

Manage assets and investments across your business including your software intellectual property.


Flexible ERP software that's built on an open and extensible foundation, allowing you to choose the features that suit your business needs.


Access your ERP data at any time so you're more available to customers and take advantage of unexpected opportunities as they surface.

Updates and maintenance

Backed by the consistency of market-leading vendors, ERP software regularly updates to ensure an optimal user experience.

Versatile deployments

Connects customers, partners, and employees through real-time digital relationships to improve the way you do business.


Do SaaS and Software companies use ERP?

Software companies and SaaS providers do indeed use ERP solutions. Although traditionally, ERP software was used by physical product centric businesses such as manufacturers and distributors, software companies and software-as-a-service organizations are increasingly using ERP solutions. 

ERP for SaaS can centralise critical business functions for software companies such as financial management, billing, sales and CRM, marketing, service and more into one solution. This enables your software company to maximise revenues and renewals, easily manage service tickets, automate billing and revenue recognition and more.

Which ERP is best for SaaS companies?

The best ERP software for SaaS companies will largely depend on your particular requirements, geography, size and ambition. However some of the most widely used ERP solutions for SaaS include Netsuite, SAP, Sage Intacct, Microsoft and Odoo.

Key ERP Requirements for SaaS Companies

When we speak to software-as-a-service companies, they typically want their ERP to be capable of:

  • Tight integration with proprietary software solutions, billing systems, CRM, Salesforce and more.
  • Revenue recognition rules and integrated billing, accounting and cash collection.
  • Project management for customer project and commercial project management, but also to track software development and R&D spend.
  • Expenses Management & Purchase Approval Workflows
  • Financial Budgeting & Planning 
  • Financial Consolidation

Start your ERP journey with ERP Research

We help pharmaceutical firms to prepare for ERP change by guiding them through each stage of the process:
  • Build An ERP Business Case 2-3 weeks
    A solid business case is a foundation you need if you are going to persuade your organization to consider enterprise resource planning (ERP) implementation. Download Business Case Template
  • Compare ERP Vendors 2-3 weeks
    It’s critical to understand which ERP vendor is right for your business. Before you decide on the vendor for your company, take a look at our solution pages to find out which vendor would be best. Compare ERP Vendors
  • Get Pricing Estimates 1-2 weeks
    Our exclusive process removes all the salesmen from the equation and gets you real pricing estimates from every qualified vendor. Contact Us For Pricing
  • Organize A Solution Demo 1-2 weeks
    During a demo, you will learn about how large corporations are making use of ERP software and how they are improving their business practices. Book A Demo
  • Build ERP Requirements 3-4 weeks
    If you're looking to buy an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system or upgrade your internal systems you will need a clear definition of all the functions, features and capabilities that you expect. You can approach this challenge by building what's called an ERP requirements document. Download ERP Requirements Template
  • Shortlist 4-8 Vendors 1 week
    One of the most important phases in the ERP project lifecycle is selecting the right software vendor. Ideally, you should shortlist 4-8 vendors - based on their credentials and your requirements. Contact Us To Shortlist Vendors

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