What does the ebook include?

The Digital Professional Services Industry: Unlocking New Business Value with Intelligent Technology explores the field of intelligent enterprise and provides an overview of the key drivers, challenges, and solutions needed to succeed in this complex and converging business environment.

As technology advances, companies must develop new strategies to maintain a competitive edge. Recent advances have fueled a convergence between technology and professional services, which is changing how companies create value.

This ebook provides an overview of this growing intersection, as well as expert analysis from professionals at ERPresearch and other leaders in technology and services.

This is a free download which comes in PDF format and it covers:

  • Outcome-based business models
  • Knowledge as a service
  • Talent networks
  • Digitalization of customer engagement, services, talent and expertise

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Why is digitalization important?

Businesses worldwide are struggling with the effect digitalization is having on their supply chains. Not every industry has been able to provide digital solutions for their upstream and downstream partners. The lack of these solutions is creating misalignment with the requirements of consumers, as well as causing delays in supply chain processes across industries. Digitalization is important, and it is happening at a fast pace. While the trend does not affect all industries at the same pace and scale, it impacts differently each sector in various use cases.

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