What does the ERP Business Case Builder Template include?

Speed up your ERP business case approval building & approval process by downloading our free ERP business case template.

Our example ERP business case template provides you a structure and a list of tasks to complete to build a case for change which will convince your company board. 

The ERP business case template from ERP Research covers:

  • Reasons for ERP & systems change
  • ERP Return On Investment / ERP ROI Calculator
  • ERP Project Timeline
  • ERP Project Costs Calculator
  • Intangible benefits
  • ERP Project Risks & Mitigation Strategy

At ERP Research, we have built more than 100+ enterprise resource planning business cases with our clients and have condensed our expertise into this free ERP business case example.

This is a free download which comes in Microsoft Powerpoint format and it can be changed to create your own customised ERP business case template suiting your specific business needs. 

Download your ERP Business Case Template:

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ERP Business Case Template

What is an ERP Business Case?

When you are trying to convince your business leaders that upgrading or implementing a new enterprise resource planning system (ERP) is essential, building a convincing business case for your ERP project is the place to start.

But what is an ERP Business Case? What does an ERP business case do? And what makes the best business cases succeed?

An effective ERP business case will demonstrate to your company executives the expected return on investment (ROI), pricing and costs and estimated timeline of investing in a new ERP solution. At ERP Research, we have seen how the best ERP business cases don't just discuss the revenue and profitability benefits, but also address key metrics that underpin your specific organisation. By honing in on these metrics in your enterprise resource planning business case, you can speak the same language as your board which will increase your chances of success.

By building a best in class ERP business case, you can gain budget sign off, executive sponsorship and generate business wide support for your upcoming ERP project.

How to Create an ERP Business Case