What does the ERP Fit Gap Analysis template include?

This ERP fit gap analysis template covers an introduction to the concepts of an ERP fit gap analysis, as well as covering all of the key steps to perform and execute a fit gap analysis for an Enterprise Resource Planning system, including:

  • ERP requirements gathering
  • Comparing requirements with ERP software functionality
  • ERP Fit Gap Analysis & Change Management

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ERP Fit Gap Analysis

What is an ERP Fit Gap Analysis?

An ERP fit gap analysis aims to understand and quantify the difference between the functionality provided by an enterprise resource planning system and your business requirements. ERP Fit Gap Analysis documents can therefore be used to understand whether or not your current ERP system is fit for purpose, whether an ERP software you are evaluating is fit for purpose or where you may need to deploy change management or additional software solutions to meet your business goals.

The Benefits of an ERP Fit Gap Analysis

ERP fit gap analysis exercises are used to minimise the risk of transitioning from legacy ERP systems or siloed business applications to new Cloud ERP environments, or new ERP implementations in general. The fit gap analysis process for an ERP system will minimise the risk associated with operational and IT changes caused by an ERP systems implementation.

When should you perform an ERP fit gap analysis?

Generally speaking, an ERP fit gap analysis can be performed at various points within your ERP systems journey, including:

  • Prior to the evaluation of new ERP software.
  • Following the implementation of ERP software to support continuous improvement projects. 
  • Whilst you are selecting and comparing ERP software vendors and partners.