ERP Implementation Failure Case Study Examples Report

ERP implementation failure is rare but can be catastrophic for organizations. In this report, ERP Research has documented examples of some of the most documented ERP failures in history.

We investigate and provide our learnings from failed ERP projects from unsuccessful implementations including:

  • Lidl
  • Hersheys
  • Nike
  • Leaseplan
  • Miller Coors

We have explored each failed ERP implementation story and analysed why and how things went wrong and how you should learn from them to ensure a successful ERP project.

Learn what causes ERP projects to fail, whether you're planning to implement SAP, Oracle, Microsoft or other ERP vendor solutions. By learning the top reasons for failed ERP projects, you can ensure a successful ERP implementation in 2021.

This is a free ERP implementation failure case study report from ERP Research.

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ERP Implementation Failure Case Study Examples

Why does ERP implementation fail?

We explore why ERP projects can go wrong and fail in our report, which includes real life examples from Nike, Leaseplan, Lidl, Miller Coors and Hersheys. But ERP implementations can go wrong and lead to failure due to several reasons, including poor change management, selection of the wrong ERP solution and vendor, greedy systems integrators, poor project team alignment. Our ERP implementation case study examples will show you how making the wrong decisions during your project preparation phase can lead to bad outcomes.

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