What does the ERP Implementation Methodology PDF/PPT include?

The ERP Implementation Methodology PDF/PPT from ERP Research allows ERP project managers and business leaders involved in ERP change to get a head start on ERP implementation methodology.

We break down the  stages of an ERP project & implementation with our methodology example including:

  • ERP Project Planning
  • ERP Requirements Gathering
  • ERP Development & Testing
  • ERP Implementation, Configuration & Customization
  • ERP Go-Live
  • ERP Training & Adoption

This ERP Implementation methodology example will give you everything you need to ensure a successful enterprise resource planning implementation by breaking down each section into easy steps, providing context and examples. Our ERP implementation project plan example is the perfect primer for executives preparing to embark on an ERP systems transformation project.

The ERP implementation methodology comes in a PPT format which can also be converted to a PDF document.

Download ERP Implementation Methodology:

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ERP Project Implementation Methodology

What is an ERP Implementation Methodology?

An ERP Implementation methodology is a sequence of steps and concepts used to deploy a new ERP software within your business. Depending on the ERP software and systems integrator or partner that you choose, you will find that there are several different approaches to ERP implementation methodology. 

Broadly speaking, ERP implementation methodology will be broken down into preparation and blueprinting, build and configuration or customization, user acceptance testing, go-live and deployment as well as enablement and adoption. There are further phases to an ERP implementation methodology post go-live including continuous improvement and more.