What does the ERP Implementation Project Plan include?

This ERP implementation project plan template gives an overview of the different steps involved in an ERP systems implementation project.

The ERP implementation plan allows ERP project managers and transformational executives to quickly grasp the different stages of an ERP project schedule so you can plan for ERP implementation success.

We break down the  stages of an ERP project & implementation including:

  • ERP Project Planning
  • ERP Implementation Requirements & Design
  • ERP Development & Build
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • ERP Implementation & Change Management
  • End User Training and Adoption
  • Post ERP Implementation Best Practices

This ERP project plan template will give you everything you need to ensure a successful enterprise resource planning implementation by breaking down each section into easy steps, providing context and examples. Our ERP implementation project plan example is the perfect primer for executives preparing to embark on an ERP systems transformation project.

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ERP Project Implementation Plan

What is an ERP Implementation Project Plan?

An ERP Implementation Project Plan is a working document which all companies use to start the planning and change required to implement an ERP system. It is a document which is built at the beginning of an ERP evaluation & implementation process to provide a structure to internal and external parties.

We recommend that your ERP implementation plan considers several phases from planning to requirements and design plus development & testing, implementation and post ERP implementation.

At ERP Research we have helped hundreds of organizations to get ready for ERP implementation projects and have built this ERP project plan example template to help your organization be successful in your implementation.

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ERP Project Implementation Plan

Why is an ERP Implementation Plan Important?

An ERP Implementation Plan provides structure and guidance for professionals embarking on an ERP implementation. ERP implementations can be high risk exercises if they aren't planned and thought out properly. Using our ERP implementation plan example, your organization can derisk your ERP project.

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