ERP Return on Investment (ROI) Calculator:

Calculate the return on investment of your ERP software implementation using our ERP ROI calculator excel spreadsheet. 

This prebuilt ERP return on investment calculator allows you to quickly understand and quantify:

  • ERP software, support and implementation costs.
  • ERP software operational benefits analysis.
  • ERP impacts on business key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Financial return on investment of ERP implementation over 5+ years.

If you are in the process of building an ERP business case and need to justify your investment to key executives in your business, our ERP ROI calculator can save you weeks of effort, providing an easy way to calculate your ERP return on investment in hours.

Download ERP ROI Calculator Excel:

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What is an ERP ROI (Return on Investment) Calculator Excel?

An ERP ROI calculator enables you to calculate the return on investment of an ERP implementation using our prebuilt ROI calculator excel spreadsheet. This allows IT & business executives to judge the benefits of implementing a new ERP system or software into their business. 

Calculating the return on investment of an ERP implementation is crucial in justifying the investment into an ERP implementation and can be used when creating an ERP business case or case for change.