Infor Cloudsuite Industrial (Syteline) Overview

Find out everything you need to know about Infor Syteline ERP.

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What is Infor CloudSuite Industrial (Syteline)?

Infor Syteline, also known as Infor CloudSuite Industrial (CSI) is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution designed for midsize manufacturing organizations. The software provides features covering accounting, sales order management, quality management, product lifecycle management (PLM), field service, purchasing, supply chain management, project management, inventory management and equipment lifecycle management.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial is widely used by many organizations in the manufacturing space, covering the needs of both discrete and process manufacturers and distribution companies. The best way to evaluate if Syteline is to compare and review the product - check out Infor Cloudsuite reviews through our comparison tool. Syteline is used by companies manufacturing machinery, high tech and industrial products and this is largely due to the heavy focus on manufacturing within the ERP system. It is also used by companies in the wholesale, distribution and consumer products industries including food and beverage.

Infor Syteline ERP Pricing

Infor Syteline ERP pricing is licensed on a subscription basis which is typically paid annually.

Licensing is dependent on the amount of users, their level or responsibilities within the system, advanced modules and third party extensions you require.

Let us know how many users you need and we'll be in touch to provide a quick, hassle free Infor Syteline ERP cost estimate.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (Syteline) User Interface (UI)

The Infor Syteline interface gives users a consistent experience across devices, including web, tablet and mobile devices. Users interact with familiar navigation and forms, and content like contacts and tasks moves more seamlessly between devices and platforms. 

Infor Syteline user interface is built on HTML5 technology, allowing for use on all devices. As your Infor Syteline consultant we can walk you through a user interface experience.

CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) Ebook

Download our comprehensive guide to CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine)

When it comes to selecting an enterprise resource planning software (ERP) solution for your organization, you have a host of options from which to choose. The challenge lies in finding the best fit for your business requirements -- not just today, but well into the future.

To help you make an informed decision about which ERP solution is best for your company, we've created this handy guide to Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine). Inside, you'll find information about the product's key elements, as well as answers to some common questions about its functionality.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (Syteline) Functionality Overview

The current version is: Infor Syteline 10. In this section we have curated a list of the core modules which Infor Syteline ERP offers:

Infor Syteline

Accounting & Financials

Infor Syteline brings an integrated financial management suite covering budgeting, forecasting, financial planning and analytics, general ledger, accounts receivable and accounts payable. These tools allow for integrated manufacturing and financial analysis with actual and standard costing methods, with the flexibility for more including LIFO, FIFO and lot specific.


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Infor Syteline

Inventory Management

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (Syteline) provides inventory management features that allow for WIP tracking, finished goods, units of measure, kitting, minimum inventory reordering, warehouse movements, multiple costing methods, cycle counting, shipping and receiving and much more.


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Infor Syteline

Production Management

Infor CloudSuite Industrial offers flexible functionality for production, including capacity requirements, intelligent setup sequencing, resource bottleneck analysis, production schedules, JIT, KANBAN, reworks, material, labour and overhead back flushing plus work centre and department costing, tooling requirements and more.

Infor Syteline

Quality Management

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (Syteline) provides quality control features including: quality incidents, change management, machine and maintenance, safety, training, supplier performance reporting, document management.

Infor Syteline


Infor Syteline Procurement functionality allows for the storing of vendor information, purchase orders, returns, landed costs, multi-site purchasing, purchase order requisitions, automatic vouchering, GRNs and more. It also supports centralized purchasing, vendor analysis and purchase requirements reporting.

Infor Syteline

Project Management & Accounting

Project management in Infor Syteline or CloudSuite Industrial caters for milestone billing, revenue recognition, work breakdown structures, labor and expense reporting plus a handy integration into Microsoft project.


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Infor Syteline

Customer Service, Sales & CRM

Infor Syteline provides capabilities for customer order tracking, picking, packing and shipping, customer contracts, estimating and quoting, pricing promotions and rebates, credit letters, returns and replacements management. 

Infor Syteline

Human Resources (HRIS)

Infor CSI provides HR capabilities covering applicant recording & tracking, employee records, benefits, sick and absence tracking, plus performance, salary, attendance and grievance tracking. 

Infor Syteline

Supply Chain Management

Infor CSI improves communication and visibility across the supply chains. From scanning and tracking items through the warehouse, to monitoring progress through delivery or managing any returns.

Infor Syteline Demo

ERP Research can organize a personalized demonstration of Infor Syteline. We'll reach out immediately to schedule your demo.

See how Infor Syteline ERP software can help your business to create new efficiencies, hassle free by checking out our Syteline reviews or by comparing ERP systems

Organise a personalized demo of Infor Syteline with a local certified solution provider suited to your business needs and industry.

Infor Syteline

Infor Syteline Industry Fit

Which industries are best suited to Infor Syteline and why?

  • Professional Services

  • High Tech & Electronics

  • Public Sector

  • Discrete Industries

Services Businesses Run Better on Infor SyteLine

Infor SyteLine offers a lot of functionality that can help professional services firms including integrated financial management & accounting, deep project management, billing, customer relationship management and more. 

The Scalable Foundation For Modern Technology Companies

Infor SyteLine is an ERP solution that technology organizations can use to manage core business operations including finance, operations, supply chain, and human capital management. Infor SyteLine has a suite of applications that are perfect for high tech & electronics organizations looking for an integrated view of all financial and operational data. As such it provides strong capabilities for billing, revenue recognition and professional services automation. This allows tech businesses to manage the whole quote to cash process as well as project fulfilment.

Infor SyteLine Delivers A Powerful Message For The Public Sector

Leveraging social collaboration tools that meet the varied needs of a diverse community of constituents, our public sector solutions deliver key capabilities for financial management, human resources and payroll, procurement, and asset management.

Helping manufacturing organizations to streamline shop floor processes 

Combining manufacturing expertise, micro-vertical functionality, and modern technologies, our solutions help industrial organizations of any size transform even the most complex manufacturing processes into a competitive advantage.

CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) Ebook

Download our comprehensive guide to CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine)

When it comes to selecting an enterprise resource planning software (ERP) solution for your organization, you have a host of options from which to choose. The challenge lies in finding the best fit for your business requirements -- not just today, but well into the future.

To help you make an informed decision about which ERP solution is best for your company, we've created this handy guide to Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine). Inside, you'll find information about the product's key elements, as well as answers to some common questions about its functionality.

Infor Syteline History

Infor Syteline is a mature ERP solution with a rich history. The ERP software originally started life as Syman by Symix. It was later sold off to Frontstep, then MAPICS and most recently Infor. It was renamed Infor Syteline in 2005 with the acquisition of MAPICS by Infor for $347M.

Infor SyteLine


Infor SyteLine, or CloudSuite Industrial (Infor CSI) can be deployed in both the Cloud as a SaaS ERP or as an On-Premise solution and can be delivered to your users browsers via the Infor Mongoose platform. It can also be deployed on Private Cloud which makes for fewer internal IT resources needed to maintain your ERP system. 

Infor SyteLine


Infor SyteLine offers a robust range of CRM and ERP capabilities to customers that integrate seamless with their own pre-built BPM solutions or third party applications. With their cloud-based suite of services Infor helps customers to collect, organize, manage, access, and share data, in a powerful platform. 

Infor SyteLine

SyteLine ERP Localization, Languages & Support

In this section we'll cover the localization packs, languages and support available in SyteLine ERP.


Infor claims that their software has been deployed in over 100 countries, configured towards local tax standards.


SyteLine ERP currently supports: Arabic, Bulgarian, Danish, German, English, Finnish, French, Italian, Japanese, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese (Simplified).

Concierge Support

Users can find everything they need to know about their Infor services and solutions, including:

  • Updates on support incidents
  • Quick views and voting on product enhancements
  • Dates for recommended classes
  • Information on product-specific education classes and webinars
  • Details on upgrades needed for the products they own

Infor Partners

If you're considering implementing Infor CloudSuite Industrial, also known as Infor Syteline, then you'll need to consider an Infor implementation partner. Check our list of Infor partners in our Infor partner directory below.


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Infor CloudSuite Industrial (Syteline) FAQ

How much does Infor SyteLine ERP cost?

The cost of implementing Infor SyteLine will vary from project to project. Software licenses can be bought outright or rented monthly on a SaaS (Software as a service) basis. As every business is different, so is every solution and Infor costings are tailored to suit the requirements of their customers.

The quickest and most accurate way to understand the costs for your business is to contact a specialist software supplier. Get in touch to speak to a member of our team today.

How do I get SyteLine ERP?

You can contact us for a free demo to explore SyteLine CSI. If you want to explore the complete functionality and module available. Compare ERP solutions here.

To help you get ready for doing business in SyteLine, you can download our assisted setup guides, templates or documents for getting your project set up. Get ready for SyteLine by visiting our resources.

When you are ready to buy Infor SyteLine, you can request pricing on the SyteLine page. For more information, see our free ERP advice page.

How do I get technical support for Infor SyteLine ERP?

As SyteLine is sold through partners, we can help match you with an implementation partner which will be able to help you with technical problems. If your SyteLine partner then cannot resolve the problem, they will raise a support ticket with Infor directly.

How do I find a reselling partner?

Infor SyteLine is sold and implemented through a global network of Infor partners with industry expertise. Contact us today for a detailed assessment, consulting services, and additional pricing.

What licenses do Infor offer?

Infor Sytline has two primary licensing models which serve its Cloud & On-Premise customers. Cloud customers typically pay an annual subscription fee inclusive of software, hosting, upgrades and basic support. On-Premise Infor Syteline customers however typically pay higher upfront costs for licensing which are then depreciated over 5-10 years, or the lifecycle of the solution.

Get a quick, hassle free cost estimate for Infor SyteLine software licensing and implementation for your business.

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