What does the invitation to tender template free include?

All enterprises using a core financial ERP system agree that a invitation to tender document which summarizes the requirements for the purchase of a new ERP package is essential for a successful project. These documents are often described as “Invitations to Tender” (ITTs), although sometimes known as “Statements of User Requirements” (SOURs) or “Requests For Quotation” (RFQs).

The first two parts of this invitation to tender template construction is used to consider the development of sound plans for ERP projects and the structuring of these as to provide a solid foundation for successful project management, plus addressing the generation of good quality functional requirements and other issues such as the sensitivity of having an effective change control process. The third part of the invitation to tender construction looks at requirements gathering in more detail, considering techniques used and some examples.

The last part concentrates on testing, how to bid tender and submitting the document to the invitation to tender process.

This is a free download that comes in Microsoft Excel format and it can be changed to create your own customized ERP invitation to tender template suiting your specific business needs. 

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What is an invitation to tender? What does invitation to tender mean?

Invitation to tender definition: A requirements document, also known as a Statement of Requirement (SoR) or Invitation to Tender (ITT) is one of the most important documents in an ERP project. Requirements documents are a precondition for getting a successful ERP implementation. An ITT is what you write to get your solution requirements out there and invite bidders to come forward with cost-effective solutions.

An invitation to tender letter, invitation to tender email or invitation to tender pdf sets out clearly and unambiguously what you want from a supplier, how they will interact with your company and the terms and conditions under which they will be expected to do business. Without one it's very easy for the suppliers to misunderstand your needs, so much so that they could actually deliver something you didn't want at all. When this happens it’s not uncommon for projects to be reworked or even abandoned completely resulting in increased costs, time delays and delivering a solution that is lower than expected.

Many ITT writers and ERP professionals wonder; 'what is invitation to tender?' and find this a difficult and daunting task. This invitation to tender example provides guidance on preparing a requirements document for an ERP system and presents the outcomes from the research.

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