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Oracle ERP Cloud Pricing:

What is Oracle ERP Cloud?

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud is a suite of software solutions designed to manage the end to end operations of an organization including financial management, supply chain, project management, enterprise performance management, supply chain management and more. It is also known as a Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning solution.

The solution is generally used by large organizations with complex company structures and processes, with some exceptions. The tight integration between different modules and lines of businesses is a big selling point for Oracle ERP Cloud. As is the integration with other 'best of breed' Oracle solutions such as PeopleSoft for human capital management. 

As the name suggests, the solution is available on a multitude of private and public hosting options, offering flexibility to organizations with different data and flexibility needs. We offer a wide variety of options to discuss Oracle ERP Cloud products - Click here to compare Oracle ERP Cloud against other vendors and read Oracle ERP Cloud reviews.

Oracle ERP Cloud modules:

Oracle ERP Cloud is a Cloud ERP solution with a comprehensive set of core, standard integrated functionality. In this section, we'll review the core functionality included in the solution and the main Oracle ERP Cloud features:

Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle Financials Cloud

Oracle ERP Cloud offers a fully integrated set of functionality covering general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, cash management and many other options to cover treasury, tax and more.


Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle Project Management Cloud

Oracle ERP Cloud provides a Tier 1 approach to project based industries with its Project Management Cloud. The solution allows for complex project & programme management, giving your business tight control on operational project management, project accounting and budgets. 

Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud

Supply Chain is met with robust capabilities within Oracle ERP Cloud. The solution offers inventory management, robust material resource planning and capabilities for complex warehouse management and logistics.

Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle Enterprise Performance Management Cloud

Oracle EPM Cloud provides a best in class approach to business planning, giving you the capability to extract data points from across your operation and perform scenario modelling, what if analysis and in depth planning. The module also includes financial consolidation and closing, account reconcilliation, tax reporting and profitability and cost management.

Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle Risk Management Cloud

Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud 

SAP Business ByDesign

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

SAP ByDesign gives small businesses and SME's an integrated customer relationship management capability for sales, marketing and service. 

Oracle ERP Cloud User Interface

Third Party Extensions & Oracle ERP Cloud Integration


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Oracle ERP Cloud History

Oracle ERP Cloud is an ERP that handles all major financial and business processes in the cloud including accounting, inventory, order management and supply chain management. It enables companies of all sizes to control critical business processes from a single system. Any type of company in the manufacturing and distribution industry can use it for the indispensable management of its business.

While Oracle's eponymous database has grown in popularity, much of Oracle's growth is due to its aggressive acquisitions of software companies and products for a range of enterprise technology applications. In 2016, Oracle acquired Netsuite, and the companies merged their combined resources to serve small and medium-sized businesses as well as global companies.

Oracle Corporation (formerly the Software Development Laboratory in 1977-79), formerly Relational Software, Inc. (1979-82) and Oracle Systems Corporation (1982-95) is a global company that develops and markets enterprise computer software applications. It is best known for its Oracle database software, a relational database management system and computer system software such as Solaris and Java, which was acquired by Sun Microsystems in 2010. Since 1987, Oracle has been the largest database management company in the world.

The Oracle ERP Cloud is a cloud-based software solution for the automation of back office processes and daily business activities. It is a business management software suite which includes financial management, supply chain management, project management, accounting and procurement. The Oracle ERP Cloud is based on the Oracle Fusion application, an Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning software suite developed with Oracle Fusion architecture and Oracle Fusion Middleware released in 2011. 

Oracle ERP Cloud Deployment

Oracle ERP Cloud is offered only as a Cloud ERP solution, in a true Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. The solution is hosted by Oracle themselves and includes quarterly upgrades and product support directly from the vendor.

Oracle ERP Cloud cannot be purchased as a perpetual license or On-Premise solution.

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Oracle ERP Cloud Industry Fit

As your personal Oracle ERP Cloud consultant we understand the industries which are best suited to Oracle Cloud SaaS ERP and why. 

Professional Services

Discrete Manufacturing

SAP Business ByDesign provides a rock solid foundation for businesses in the discrete manufacturing industry.


SAP Business ByDesign offers robust functionality for pharmaceuticals specific requirements including batch traceability and serialisation. This makes it easier for pharmaceuticals manufacturers and distributers to comply with industry requirements and complete any product recalls.

Why Oracle ERP Cloud?
Oracle ERP Cloud Pro's & Con's

Oracle ERP Cloud Pro's & Strengths:

  • Wide and deep functionality across many key business areas.
  • Strong industry capabilities for professional services and discrete manufacturing.
  • True Software-as-a-service (SaaS) Cloud ERP offering.
  • Completely SAP developed solution.
  • Business ByDesign pricing model is simple and transparent.
  • Strong localization capabilities for international businesses.

Oracle ERP Cloud Con's & Weaknesses:

  • Configuration rather than customisation approach can limit flexibility in very agile organisations, although this is a benefit in some cases.
  • ByDesign consultants are in very high demand.
  • SAP has larger ERP solutions such as S/4 HANA that are the companies true strategic focus. 
  • SAP Business ByDesign lacks productized intgrations into the wider SAP portfolio compared with SAP S/4 HANA.

Oracle ERP Cloud Pricing

How much does oracle cloud cost? We offer simple Oracle ERP Cloud pricing & Oracle ERP Cloud licensing costs. 

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Oracle ERP Cloud Pricing:

Oracle ERP Cloud Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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