Oracle Netsuite Solution Guide

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This ebook includes the latest features and functions of Oracle NetSuite ERP.

Get a free copy of the Netsuite Ebook and learn why over 20,000 other companies have adopted Netsuite. Netsuite has the most advanced cloud ERP software that lets you grow quickly and integrate real-time data on mobile devices. Learn how this cloud accounting and financial management solution can help you save time, reduce costs, and get a clearer view of your business. Click here to download our free ebook to see how you can streamline accounting.

This ebook is the best aide for finance, supply chain and IT executives who are evaluating new ERP systems and software for their businesses.

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This guide includes:

  • Functionality & modules
  • Integrations
  • Localizations
  • Hidden costs
  • License model
  • Implementation costs
  • Best practices
  • Examples & case studies
  • Costs
  • Industry suitability
  • Customer list
  • Acquisitions