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Best ERP Software for Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

ERP for pharmaceuticals enable companies to stay compliant, assure quality and drive efficiencies to improve patient outcomes.

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Top 10 ERP Systems For Pharmaceuticals

Learn everything you need to know about the best ERP solutions for pharmaceuticals in our detailed solution comparison report.

We compare pharmaceutical industry ERP including SAP, Netsuite, Oracle, Microsoft, Infor and more.

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Best Pharma & Biotech ERP for SMB & SME

ERP software for pharmaceutical companies that are small and midsized need to strike a fine balance between depth of functionality and cost.

Below are some ERP solutions for pharmaceutical & biotech companies in the SMB space:

Pharmaceutical ERP Software


SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Business ByDesign is a Cloud ERP solution which has earned many growing customers in the pharmaceutical industry with its integrated suite of functionality spanning sales, production, inventory, quality and serialisation & batch traceability.

Pharmaceutical ERP Software


Infor CloudSuite Industrial (Syteline)

Infor CSI is well suited to small and medium sized pharmaceutical companies looking for a flexible ERP solution. Infor ERP provides tight integration between key business functions with a depth of functionality for pharmaceuticals.

Pharmaceutical ERP Software


Oracle Netsuite

Oracle Netsuite has been the ERP for many pharmaceutical companies in growth. Netsuite provides a range of functionality enabling pharmaceuticals companies integrated financials, supply chain, manufacturing and inventory management.


Best Pharma & Biotech ERP for Growing & Mature Enterprises

ERP for pharmaceutical companies that are already well established brings more functionality and greater flexibility.
Below are popular ERP systems for pharmaceutical companies that operate at scale, globally:

Pharmaceutical ERP Software

sap-s-4hana-logo (2)


SAP S/4 HANA and its predecessors are synonymous with ERP for pharmaceuticals. S/4 ERP provides growing and large pharmaceutical companies everything they need for finance, procurement, quality, manufacturing and traceability. 

Pharmaceutical ERP Software


Microsoft Dynamics 365

Many pharmaceutical companies are beginning to explore Microsoft Dynamics as their pharmaceutical ERP. The solution provides a great degree of flexibility plus a large partner ecosystem that has developed many pharmaceutical industry add-ons.

Pharmaceutical ERP Software


Oracle ERP Cloud

Oracle ERP Cloud is a growing solution for pharmaceutical companies searching for an ERP solution. With one end to end platform, Oracle ERP Cloud sets the foundation for strong finance and operations capabilities plus HCM and much more.

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Benefits of using ERP

Key ERP Modules & Features for Pharmaceuticals

ERP systems allow companies in the pharmaceutical & biotechnology industry to share data amongst different departments, eliminating information silos whilst enabling them to handle compliance and regulatory measures easily. 

But what is the key ERP functionality for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies? Which ERP modules are critical for pharmaceutical companies?

Accounting and Financials

Pharmaceutical ERP enables you to unite financials across multiple entities and geographies with tight integration to key pharmaceutical business processes.


Enable compliance and cost control with pharmaceutical ERP that provides approval matrixes, purchase requisitions, orders and control.


Integrate with contract manufacturing organizations (CMO) or run production in house with pharmaceutical ERP that enables easy compliance and traceability.

Inventory Management

Monitor stock and inventory across multiple locations and perform real time valuations in pharmaceutical ERP software.

Quality Management

Modern pharmaceutical ERP gives you the power to control quality at all steps of your internal processes to ensure you can

Asset Management

Manage fixed assets within your pharmaceutical ERP solution and convert your R&D spend to assets on your balance sheet with pharmaceutical ERP.

Reporting and dashboards

Get one view of your pharmaceutical operation with inbuilt reporting and dashboards for your ERP solution.

Expenses Management

Automate expenses requisitions and approvals for your sales team or R&D team within your ERP system.

Sales management

Track & plan sales pipeline, score leads, prospects and forecast opportunities in real-time across territories, accounts and teams.


Flexible ERP software that's built on an open and extensible foundation, allowing you to choose the features that suit your business needs.


Access your ERP data at any time so you're more available to customers and take advantage of unexpected opportunities as they surface.

Updates and maintenance

Backed by the consistency of market-leading vendors, ERP software regularly updates to ensure an optimal user experience.

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Pharmaceutical ERP Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best ERP for the pharmaceutical industry?

The best ERP for pharma is generally considered to be SAP. However the answer really depends on the requirements of your pharmaceutical, biotech or life sciences business. If your organization is a multinational pharmaceutical manufacturer with hundreds or thousands of employees, then sure SAP is probably the right answer.  However, if your pharmaceutical or biotechnology business is smaller then there could be several answers. We see small life sciences companies using more nimble ERP solutions such as Oracle Netsuite, Oracle ERP Cloud, Odoo, Infor Cloudsuite Industrial and more. 

What are the key features and modules of pharma ERP software?

ERP software for pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and life sciences business includes all of the typical modules within almost all ERP systems including:

  • Financial Management & Accounting
  • Sales & Distribution
  • Supply Chain
  • Procurement
  • Manufacturing & Production
  • Human Resources
  • Reporting & Analytics
    Plant Maintenance
  • Asset Management

However, the best ERP solutions for pharmaceuticals also tend to include industry specific modules and functionalities which include:

  • FDA,  MHRA compliance.
  • Life sciences ISO certifications.
  • Traceability
  • Batch Management
  • Recipe Management
  • SOX Compliance
  • Audit Trails

How much does ERP for pharmaceuticals cost?

Costs for ERP in the pharmaceutical industry can range from $100,000 in Year 1 to several millions. Pharma ERP costs are typically made up of software licensing, support and implementation. 

Increasingly, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies are turning to Cloud ERP software solutions which are paid for on a subscription basis. Annual fees for Cloud ERP software for pharma can range anywhere from $500-2000 per user.

Support costs are typically a percentage of your software license cost and can fluctuate depending on the level of support your organization requires and how many hours of support you consume. 

Life sciences and pharmaceutical ERP implementations are often the biggest up front cost and will depend on the pharma ERP software you choose, your organizations size, the ERP project scope and your resourcing model.

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