Vendor: Sage Group PLC

Release Date: 2000


51-1000 Employees

$5-100M Revenue



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Sage X3 is an ERP solution from British software vendor Sage which is aimed at small and medium-sized manufacturing, distribution and professional services companies which aims to unify all of their business processes within one Cloud, or On-Premise ERP solution. 

Providing end to end capabilities, Sage X3 offers functionality from accounting to sales and supply chain management, allowing you to decrease administration within your business by integrating your business functions.






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Modules & Features List


Sage X3 ERP offers general ledger, accounts recievable, accounts payable, cashflow management, bank management and budgeting capabilities. The solution natively supports multi-country and multi-entity finances for disparate organizations. Sage X3 ERP fixed asset also comes included with several depreciation models, lifecycle management, inbuilt reporting and financing.


Purchasing in Sage X3 provides end to end procurement workflows covering supplier and product category management, RFP's, purchase orfers, delivery, scheduling and dynamic pricing and discounts. 

Inventory Management

Sage X3 is built for product centric organizations and allows for robust inventory management. The solution caters for location and bin management, stock movements, import tracking, strong quality control, stock transfers and movements, plus product data master and several units of measure.

BOM Planning

Bill of materials planning functionality in Sage X3 covers multi BOMs including production, sub-contracting, commercial and more. It also includes version number (major & minor) management. The solution covers mass maintenance and more.

Quality Control

Sage X3 ERP is well adopted in industries where quality is key. This is support by the robust capabilties for batch management, serialisation, use by date management, inspection management, stock status support, expiry date management and bidirectional traceability management.

Shop Floor Control

Production capabilities in Sage X3 allow for collection of labour time, direct and indirect labour tracking and management, time and attendance or clock in/out and more.

Project Management

Sage X3 allows for efficient project tracking and execution. The solution offers integrated project management features including work breakdown structures, project cost breakdown structures, budget tracking and expenses management, mutli-level time tracking and resource allocation.

Pros & Cons


  • Wide and deep functionality for product centric businesses in regulated industries such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing & distribution.
  • Deployment flexibility with both Cloud (multitenant & single tenant) & On-Premise offerings.


  • Many users complain of an outdated user interface.
  • The product future is uncertain with Sage focussing on Sage Intacct.

Industry Fit

Sage X3 is used by companies in various industries, including:


Sage X3 manufacturing capabilities are very robust.


Sage X3 has had a long history with many acquisitions, rebranding exercises and several years of development. Sage X3 started life in a small French company called SPEMI. In the early days, X3 was built for use on SORD computers but due to Toshiba acquiring SORD, the decision was made by SPEMI to build their future applications on UNIX OS. This decision gave birth to Adonix Enteprise V2 which covered accounting, distribution and payroll.

With international ambitions, ADONIX launched into new markets in 1997 and soon after acquired PRODSTAR and their product, Prodstar 2 which added manufacturing capabilities to the ADONIX platform. 

In 2005, Adonix was acquired by British software vendor, Sage and the product was renamed to Sage X3. Today, Sage X3 boasts more than 7,000 customers worldwide.

Deployment Options

Sage X3 can be deployed as both an On-Premise solution through perpetual licensing or as a Cloud ERP solution with an annual subscription cost.

The Sage X3 Cloud solution also comes in two flavours, Single-Tenant or multitenant. Single Tenant offers more flexibility and control over the system, data and wider access to customization options and third party extension. On the other hand the multitenant offers greater standardization, reducing software and IT maintenance costs whilst also reducing licensing costs.

You can learn more about Sage X3 implementation here.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is Sage X3 Cloud based? 

Yes, and no. Sage X3 comes in both Cloud & On-Premise versions. There are also two versions of the Cloud product - multitenant and single tenant. The On-Premise solution is sold as a one of license fee with annual maintenance costs, whereas the Cloud version is sold as an annual software subscription inclusive of hosting, maintenance, product support and licensing.


How much does Sage X3 cost?

Sage X3 has various different pricing variables depending on whether you choose the On-Premise or Cloud version(s). It's also priced based on the amount of users and any third party add-ons required.

As well as licensing, you will need to pay for Sage X3 to be implemented. ERP implementation costs can vary depending on the complexity of your processes, the amount of legal entities, any customizations required plus the geographies you need to roll out in.

User Interface

Sage X3 ERP Pricing

Sage X3 ERP pricing is licensed on a subscription basis which is typically paid annually.

Licensing is dependent on the amount of users, their level or responsibilities within the system, advanced modules and third party extensions you require.

Let us know how many users you need and we'll be in touch to provide a quick, hassle free Infor Syteline ERP cost estimate.













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