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SYSPRO is an ERP vendor with an ERP solution of the same name which is geared towards manufacturing & distribution companies in the midmarket & SME space. SYSPRO ERP covers financial management, warehouse management, inventory management, supply chain management and business operations. The solution is popular in North America, which constitutes approximately 60% of its 17,000 strong customer base using the system in over 60 countries. 


The SYSPRO solution offers strong capabilities in manufacturing and distribution sub industries including aerospace, automotive, medical devices, electronics, metal fabrication, food and beverage, machinery & equipment, chemicals, plastics & rubber, packaging, pharmaceuticals plus furniture. The functionality for manufacturing and distribution companies is extremely rich, owing to the fact that SYSPRO was built from the ground up by one vendor, rather than being a multitude of different but integrated software solutions. The solution is built to provide best practice processes covering these industries, but is also open to customisation with a number of ways to do this.


Customisation can be applied using the customised panes functionality within the software which also extends to incorporating user defined views, plus graphical features such as data visualisations, list views and embedded web applications. SYSPRO also offers API access to the software, allowing you to integrate third party applications with the core SYSPRO solution. SYSPRO also claims that customisations will not effect upgrades which is a common problem for many ERP solutions. SYSPRO also incorporates emerging technology and trends within its ERP software including Machine Learning, Big Data and predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things (IoT).


SYSPRO is available both as a Cloud or On-Premise Solution and can be accessed on an internet browser via any device. 



SYSPRO ERP Modules & Functionality Overview

In this section we have curated a list of the core ERP modules which SYSPRO ERP offers:


SYSPRO Financials

The financial capabilities of SYSPRO cover:


  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Assets Register
  • Cash Book
  • General Ledger
  • Activity Based Costing
  • Cashflow Forecasting
  • General Ledger Cost Analysis
  • Electronic Funds Transfer
  • GL Financial Reporting
  • Budgeting & Targets

The financials suite in SYSPRO caters for consolidated financial reporting, multicurrency financials, cost analysis, transaction drill down and more.


SYSPRO Inventory Management

SYSPRO provides inventory management features covering:


  • Inventory receipts, warehouse transfers, cost & physical adjustments.
  • Reserve stock & usage based minimum stock quantities.
  • Backflush capabilities.
  • Full or partial stock codes.
  • Kitting
  • Supplier and customer cross referencing
  • Multiple stock costing methods (LIFO, FIFO, standard, average) per warehouse. 
  • Replenishment rules by SKU
  • Multiple bin locations per SKU
  • Goods in transit control.
  • Lead times and fully integrated to the rest of the SYSPRO modules.

SYSPRO Product Configurator

The SYSPRO Product Configurator enables organisation with engineer to order and configure to order needs to configure xomplex products and provide quotations and sales orders with integration to manufacturing. 


The product configuration capabilities in SYSPRO includes:


  • Configuration of inventory items.
  • Creation of new inventory parts and bills of materials.
  • Generate non-stocked items and kits.
  • Labor requirements based on configuration prices. 
  • Integration to production. 
  • Store and reuse commonly used configurations.
SYSPRO Modules

SYSPRO Sales & Distribution

The SYSPRO Sales & Distribution modules provide: 


  • Counter Sales
  • Purchase Orders
  • Sales Orders
  • Sales Analysis
  • Returns
  • Trade Promotions
  • Lot traceability
  • Landed cost tracking

These modules provide end to end integrated capabilities to manage your whole sales cycles for single, multisite, domestic and international operations. Profitability tracking can be handled with the sales analysis module within SYSPRO, enabling you to drill down into specific sales teams, products and product groups versus budgets.


The sales order processes also allow you to check real time stock availability to avoid disappointing your customers. You can also check for credit limits, stock status and confirm shipping & billing information within the SYSPRO sales order functions.

For controlled and regulated industries, the lot traceability functionality can help organizations to improve quality management and efficiently do product recalls. 

SYSPRO Modules

SYSPRO Foundation

Every copy of SYSPRO ships with the Foundation capabilities, which are an inherent set of features which enrich the core ERP functionality to increase the productivity of your business. 


This features include:


  • Business insights
  • Executive dashboards
  • Contact management
  • Office automation
  • Ken the bot
  • Harmony Social ERP
  • Reporting services
  • Report writer
  • System manager
  • Analytics
  • e.Net solutions
  • Process modelling
  • Workflow services

SYSPRO ERP User Interface

The SYSPRO ERP user interface is optimised for consumption on any device, allowing you to access the ERP solution on your laptop, desktop, mobile or tablet. 

The system provides graphical insights into your key operational data, with graphs and charts to quickly provide you an overview of where you stand.



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SYSPRO ERP Third Party Extensions

Like many other ERP vendors, SYSPRO offers third party vendor extensions via the SYSPRO App Store. The extensions provide a range of integrated solutions which extend the functionality of your ERP, tailored to your specific business requirements. The extensions are typically developed by SYSPRO technology partners.

There are currently 45+ third party extensions available, such as:

  • Inventory stock take
  • File Management
  • Twitter Integration
  • Salesforce Integration
  • RSS Integration 
  • Bank Reconciliation System
  • Job Receipts


SYSPRO was founded in 1978 in South Africa by two brothers, Phil & Chris Duff. Phil Duff remains Chief Executive Officer of SYSPRO to this day and grew the company to it's current scale with ERP solutions deployed in 60+ countries, with approximately 15,000 customers. 

SYSPRO Deployment

Unlike some ERP vendors who only offer Cloud or On-Premise ERP solutions, SYSPRO offer a range of hosting and licensing options:

• Software as a Service (SaaS) – when deployed via SaaS your SYSPRO software is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), allowing you to access the software from any web browser or other web connected device, such as mobile or tablet. All infrastructure and upgrades are handled by SYSPRO and you pay an annual software subscription.

• Private Cloud Subscription (PCS) – with the PCS option, your software is hosted in a private cloud with a hosting provider that you choose or can be hosted on premise. The subscription fee is again annual, however with the added benefit of updates being included in the subscription cost. In this scenario it is up to your organization when updates are applied.

• Perpetual purchase – this is a fairly traditional method of purchase. With this option an organization purchases the software and then pays a yearly ‘maintenance’ fee to keep the software up to date. In a Perpetual purchase, the initial fee is slightly lower, as it does not include the associated hosting and cloud services costs.

SYSPRO Industry Fit

SYSPRO Pros & Cons


  • Highly applicable to many manufacturing and distribution sub-industries with a particular focus on production planning and quality processes.
  • Many processes come out of the box, allowing you to get started very quickly without too much customization and cost.
  • Very customisable whilst maintaining the ability to upgrade.


  • User adoption can be challenging as many users claim that the system is hard to learn when getting started.
  • Older user interface compared with many modern enterprise resource planning solutions. 
  • Reporting can be challenging and isn't self service like many newer ERP systems.

SYSPRO Pricing & Implementation Cost

SYSPRO has two primary licensing models which serve its Cloud & On-Premise customers. Cloud customers typically pay an annual subscription fee inclusive of software, hosting, upgrades and basic support. On-Premise SYSPRO customers however typically pay higher upfront costs for licensing which are then depreciated over 5-10 years, or the lifecycle of the solution.

SYSPRO Costs & Pricing

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SYSPRO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much does SYSPRO cost?

The cost of SYSPRO for your organization will depend on two key factors, your implementation cost and software license pricing. 

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