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Microsoft Dynamics Alternatives & Competitors

Microsoft Dynamics is a great ERP solution, however it's always wise to consider it's competitors and review ...

Microsoft Dynamics is a great ERP solution, however it's always wise to consider it's competitors and review alternatives when evaluating ERP software. We have many ERP buyers evaluating ERP software ask us:

Which ERP systems can be compared to Microsoft Dynamics?

What alternatives are there to Microsoft Dynamics?

Who are Microsoft Dynamics competitors?

Which ERP software should I evaluate alongside Microsoft Dynamics?

In this article, we'll explore some of the most popular ERP alternatives to Microsoft Dynamics products such as Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Business Central.

Microsoft Dynamics Alternatives & Competitors


netsuite erp sap alternative competitor

Netsuite is an ERP software that is commonly compared with Cloud ERP software for small and midsized companies including Microsoft Dynamics.

Netsuite ERP provides many of the same core capabilities as Dynamics ERP software including financial management, professional services automation, project management, inventory and stock management, supply chain management and more. Netsuite is a great alternative to Great Plains, Navision and Dynamics for small and fast-growing companies. 


oracle erp sap alternative competitor

Oracle is one of the key competitors of larger Microsoft ERP solutions such as Great Plains and Dynamics.

Oracle is a great alternative to Dynamics ERP if you're a large or hypergrowth company looking for a scalable ERP software that also offers other best of breed enterprise solutions for HCM, CX, EPM and more. 

Acumatica Cloud ERP


Acumatica is a native Cloud ERP solution which is generally used by small and midsized companies. As such, we generally see that companies evaluating Acumatica may compare it to similar solutions by Microsoft including Dynamics,  Navision, Great Plains and others.



infor syteline

Infor is a common Microsoft Dynamics alternative. With a few ERP products, Infor is commonly compared with all of Dynamics ERP products from Business Central to Great Plains.



Odoo is a relatively new ERP software which is open source. Odoo has become extremely popular with small businesses over the last few years and has grown to have hundreds of thousands of worldwide users. Odoo is probably best compared with small business software solutions from Microsoft such as Dynamics Business Central.


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